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  Posted On: May 19, 2002 02:11:28 PM

 Name: Karen Morgan (nee Thomas)
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Fond memories of Sanfields (1973 - 1981)- whatever happened to Roy Jones (Maths), Mrs Lambourne (English & Headmistress)& Mr Winfield (Headmaster)??
  Posted On: May 19, 2002 03:23:07 AM

 Name: Anthony Morris
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Can any one tell me the were abouts of a Miss Inskip that use to Teach in Traethmelyn in the 70's she can contanct me at a&
  Posted On: May 18, 2002 04:48:42 PM

 Name: Elizabeth Reid ( nee Maissen)
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Preparations for the school reunion are going well,see homepage for a list of some of the people who will be there.Tickets are selling well so if you are planning to be there,get your tickets soon from myself (telephone 01639 681150) or the schoo office.Thanks to Mr Davies for adapting the website to advertise the reunion.It is great that so many past pupils have left messages in the guest book.
Best wishes to Year 11 as they take their GCSE's.
  Posted On: May 18, 2002 04:14:11 PM

 Name: Lesley Burbidge (nee Davies)
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Attended 1976 - 1981 - Hi to all who may remember me, especially all who were in form 'O' u know who u r ! :-)
Hope u r all well, & doing ok All the best, Lesley.
  Posted On: May 18, 2002 03:10:39 PM

 Name: Katie Davies
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: Hi Everyone at Sandfields! Good luck to all the Year 11s and to the Year 10s who are sitting some of their GCSEs this year! All the best and I'll see you all soon! Thanks to all the staff who are helping us kids get the best out of our school! Sandfields rules! Lotsa Luv Katie xxxxx
  Posted On: May 17, 2002 12:05:09 PM

 Name: hayes
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: hi all hows tony and jimmy
  Posted On: May 13, 2002 09:49:41 PM

 Name: ceirion lovell
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: hi! oright lads
  Posted On: May 12, 2002 10:17:03 AM

 Name: Barbara Trybalska
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Message for Derek Hill in Memories -teacher who taught Latin was Mr.Bedford.
  Posted On: May 12, 2002 04:17:25 AM

 Name: David Llewellyn
 Who: Pupil, Former Pupil, Parent, Teacher, Local Community, New to Sandfields
 Comments: thnx for the great time p'g..wink wink
  Posted On: May 11, 2002 04:36:52 PM

 Name: Aaron Morris
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: Hello peeps P.E is cool, if u think so? e-mail me on yeah
  Posted On: May 11, 2002 04:32:34 PM

 Name: Daryl Parry
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: I love P.E and I hope everyone else enjoys it!!!! Mr Georaghi is a good laugh !! ha ha ha !!
  Posted On: May 10, 2002 06:50:28 PM

 Name: sam butson
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: Good luck to all year 11 miss u all!!!!!!!!!!!
  Posted On: May 10, 2002 01:58:01 PM

 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: 1964 -70
just had a thorough look through the web site and there are a few names I recognise but can't put a face to.Those old rugby photos brought back some memories. I'm second from the front in the lineout, my brother Gwyn is second from the back, and I think Tom Parry is at the back.

I've been living in Australia since 1974, shortly after finishing my apprenticeship at BP Llandarcy, and looking at this site was great.

If anyone would like to contact me my address is

Best wishes to everyone
  Posted On: May 09, 2002 12:48:15 AM

 Who: Former Pupil
  Posted On: May 09, 2002 12:39:51 AM

 Name: HAYES
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: HOW U DOING KID
  Posted On: May 08, 2002 06:39:35 PM

 Name: x pupil
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Way hay what a cool site!Im really proud I went to such a shit hot school.
  Posted On: May 08, 2002 06:43:15 AM

 Name: john davies
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: hi to everyone
  Posted On: May 08, 2002 03:53:13 AM

 Name: Mary Ewert
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Now living in Melbourne, Australia, I was fomerly Mary Rowland and I attended Sandfields from 1969.... I would love to hear from anyone who was in school with me, my E-Mail is
  Posted On: May 07, 2002 07:51:41 PM

 Name: Angela Freeman Formerly Williams
 Who: Former Pupil, Parent
 Comments: I attended Sandfields Comprehensive from 74 to 79
i was in form C.One of my favorite teachers were BRANWEN THOMAS and MRS PHELPPS.I was in the netball team all the way through school.The saying "YOUR SCHOOL DAYS ARE THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE" are most certainly true and i find myself saying those words to my own children and to the children that come into the shop where i work.Ihad a great time at sandfields and although i live in Taibach my 12 yr old daughter Ashleigh attends Sandfields in year 7.1.
I am looking forward to the reunion in June.BYE.
  Posted On: May 06, 2002 12:09:12 AM

 Name: Arwel Jones
 Who: New to Sandfields
 Comments: Did not attend Sandfields but was touring with my school rugby team from London in about 1962-63 (ish) and played against Sandfields. I would have been 15-16 (ish). It was bitter cold on the day we played Sandfields and we lost 42-0 all points being scored in the first half. The wind kept Sandfields out of our half in the second half!! Does anyone there remember this event? My school was Brook House in Clapton North East London. I stayed with one of the lads from Sandfields. Names have faded now but his parents looked after me a treat. When I visit Wales (my birthplace) I alway look across from the M4 with fond memories of that freezing cold day and the snow flurries blowing in from the sea. Character building stuff! I would be very interested to hear from anyone who was there on the day or can remember the visit.
  Posted On: May 05, 2002 07:53:07 PM

 Name: John Nelson
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Can't say all memories of Sandfields Comprehensive School were the happiest although it did have its moments.
Sandfields, in spite of its infamy, has produced some remarkable people and can be very proud of its achievements against overwhelming odds.
I am proud to say I was a member of Sandfields Comprehensive School and I commend all the teachers I had the privilege of being taught by.
Looking forward to the reunion in June


John (Nelly) Nelson
  Posted On: May 05, 2002 05:39:45 PM

 Name: Julie Morgan
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Hi to everyone who was in C in the years 1973-1978.Hope you`re al fit and well will keep an eye on this noticeboard to see if anyone is out there maybe we can all get back in touch
  Posted On: May 03, 2002 10:24:03 PM

 Name: Jane Scullion
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: My sister Ann and I say hello to everyone we knew in Sandfields in the 1970s. I am now an Assistant Chief Executive of a Northern Council and Ann works for City and Guilds in Wales, Scotland and the Falklands. I am very grateful to Neville Granville, Peggy Jones, Geraint Evans and the late Mr Williams for their kindness to the visiting Scottish girls.
  Posted On: May 03, 2002 09:54:58 PM

 Name: matthew evans
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: who let the dogs out ????
  Posted On: May 03, 2002 11:01:05 AM

 Name: amie/chantelle/king bamsey
 Who: Local Community
 Comments: hey dunka!!(jason rose!)heard your grounded!bumma.enjoy school!!(hi charles/sticky/smiffy/david and fred)
  Posted On: May 02, 2002 11:22:11 AM

 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: hello sandfields.left in 1988 and had some great years roy(sponge bum)woodward still on the prowl if so tell him lester say alright.i heard there is a reunion going on for the 70`s is anyone going to sort one out for the 80`s as there are loads of people i havn`t seen for years.
  Posted On: May 01, 2002 02:16:08 PM

 Name: Dunka
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: hey its da king!!cant wait until i do the sats!!!
  Posted On: May 01, 2002 02:14:27 PM

 Name: dairl
 Who: Local Community
 Comments: hey to every one in sandfields!!!good luck with the sats from st.joes!!
  Posted On: May 01, 2002 02:07:07 PM

 Name: amie+chantelle
 Who: Local Community
 Comments: hey to every one in sandfields!!!good luck with the sats from st.joes!!
  Posted On: April 30, 2002 09:38:34 PM

 Name: Keith Mervyn
 Who: Local Community
 Comments: After reading the latest news i was disappointed that there was no review or any news about 'Grease' the school's recent production as these are always the highlight of the year!
  Posted On: April 30, 2002 01:12:28 PM

 Name: Daniel Brown
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: Sandfields is good, especially at P.E!!!!
  Posted On: April 25, 2002 01:24:39 PM

 Name: Richard Wanklyn
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Hello to all of the teachers that I haven't seen for a long time, hope your all well.
  Posted On: April 24, 2002 10:04:18 PM

 Name: lindsay nichols
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: its nice to see that the old school is still running after all these years---7hen i first came to sandfields, there was only a few houses on the estate. it was possible to walk from my home in russet close all the way to the beach without seeing a single house on the way--- how times have changed. best wishes to you all lindsay(linz)
  Posted On: April 23, 2002 08:50:21 PM

 Who: Former Pupil, Parent
 Comments: I am now Rhian Hughes.I have
2 daughters,and work at the
DVLA.Attended 1965-1972.
  Posted On: April 22, 2002 09:29:09 PM

 Name: marion jones
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: My name is Marion Jones now Marion Petty. I was in the school in 1970-1976.I have a picture which I will put on another time.
  Posted On: April 19, 2002 01:57:31 PM

 Name: Peter Bush
 Who: Pupil, Former Pupil, Local Community
 Comments: Where has Daryll gone to and why did he leave? Peter
  Posted On: April 18, 2002 04:12:31 PM

 Name: philip morgan
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: was told about this site by a work college so i thaught i would give it ago. i attended the school in 1971-76 but i am not very good at names but if any one would like to contact me my a-mail is
  Posted On: April 11, 2002 06:54:21 PM

 Name: Olga Milosevic
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: I spent the years 1970-1975 at Sandfields, there were some memorable and not so memorable moments there. It is so good to have this site to catch up with old "friends"!!
  Posted On: April 08, 2002 08:24:45 PM

 Name: Martine Davies nee Jensen
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Hi ,
I had a great time at the Comp and especially enjoyed Biology with Bronwen Thomas and Lessons with Dai Bedford what a laugh he was.
  Posted On: April 08, 2002 12:31:47 PM

 Name: Alan McCambridge
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Left a lot of friends in 1982. It was good to see Ian Jones @ Wales v Scotland in Cardiff on Saturday. Hope to see many of the 3C crowd soon. email:
  Posted On: April 07, 2002 12:09:36 PM

 Name: Christine Jones formally Edwards
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Hi 2 ne1 who may know me. I attended from 1976-1980
  Posted On: April 06, 2002 02:44:17 PM

 Name: Gareth (Gus) Jones
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Does anyone remember some of these teachers at Sandfields 70-75 Mr Pickerell, Maths Teacher (and resident nutcase)Mr Tovey, Pottery teacher, (A bit of a lad with the girls)Mr Woodward Gym teacher ( who is STILL there!) Jeez ! Madamoiselle Pommerrau, ( did I spell that right ?) french teacher. Mr Wynford Vaughn Thomas, Physics and Chemistry teacher, who always used to give me a dead leg. I hope he's there on the re-union
(I am bigger than him now, and give a mean dead leg) Mr Bateman, Geography teacher (who always smelled of cigars) Cough ! Cough !
Dopey Dora Davies Welsh Teacher. Jesus Jones R.I.Teacher. Powerful Pierre, french teacher. I seen him last week, the guy is a midget !, I must have been short in school. Mrs Thomas, english teacher ( who always used to think she hurt you when she smacked you with a 12" ruler).
If you can think of any others shove em in,
  Posted On: April 06, 2002 06:47:54 AM

 Name: John Morgan
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Glad to hear that Alan Surridge is OK - we were in school together. I also remember all of those teachers. Unlike Alan I am now happilly retired
  Posted On: April 05, 2002 09:46:52 AM

 Name: dave
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: hi every one
  Posted On: April 02, 2002 02:55:08 PM

 Name: sarah henderson
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: hello to everyone at sandfields. just like to say grease was brilliant & well done to all the cast and crew that i didnt get the chance to speak to on wednesday. looking forward to seeing you all soon love sarah.x.x.x.x.x.
  Posted On: April 02, 2002 09:15:41 AM

 Name: steven davies
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: hello
  Posted On: March 31, 2002 11:33:43 PM

 Name: Peter Anthony Lee Bush
 Who: Former Pupil, Local Community
 Comments: i went to Grease on the 27th of March and i would like to say i really enjoyed and it think Christina Modestou played well and so did everyone but i like Samantha Broad at the end she was great!!
  Posted On: March 26, 2002 01:15:40 PM

 Name: Jenny
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: the school is great
  Posted On: March 23, 2002 04:24:33 PM

 Name: Stephen Devlugt
 Comments: Hi all, I am looking for a my first love. Michelle Williams was a pupil at your school her year of leaving was 1984-1986. She lived in Golden Avenue, near Aberavon seafront, when I knew her.She had 2 sisters younger than her-Paula was one of them. She also had a brother called Kevin. Her dads name was Malcolm.That's all the info I can remember, I would dearly like to contact her, catch up on old times etc. Please feel free to contact
if you can help at all.
Kindest regards.
  Posted On: March 23, 2002 02:41:38 PM

 Name: Carl Loveluck
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Reunion???
  Posted On: March 22, 2002 10:38:41 PM

 Name: wayne barnes 1977
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: currently employed at corus port talbot,but currently enjoying the life of leisure due to ill health.great to hear there is a reunion this year and hope to attend to old friends and teachers.
  Posted On: March 19, 2002 08:01:05 PM

 Name: Jason Ackery
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: i\'d liked to say thankyou to mrs bowden, miss smith, mr greenslade and mr woodward for all their help, consideration and putting up with me. i am also glad i am leaving.
  Posted On: March 18, 2002 11:38:46 AM

 Name: Gary Andrews
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Left Sandfields in Sept 74 to join RN. Spent 23 years in seeing some exotic and some not so exotic parts of the world. Eventually leaving when I was 40. I am now The Finance Manager for the Estates Department at the University of Portsmouth and in my final year of Chartered Management Accountants exams. Biggest regret? Not working to the best of my abilities at school and not standing up to the bullying, resulting in a long hard slog to get to where I am at present. best Memory? Going to Orchestra on Friday nights at Neath Grammar, and being in the production of Oliver in 1972 Hope to attend the re-union on 28th June. As a matter of interest does the school song stull get sung? I think it was called Canaf Foliant. Written by the Head of Music at the time, Geoff Francis......I can still remember the tune, but alas not the words.
  Posted On: March 18, 2002 11:37:41 AM

 Name: Brian Collins
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: 1959-1965
Any body else out there
Trying to contact Richard Thomas who used play gutair a bit
  Posted On: March 17, 2002 09:54:03 PM

 Name: Nora Lloyd
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: I am trying to locate a former pupil - Gillian Michael. I believe she is living in the Swansea area. Gillian attended Sandfields Comprehensive 1958 through year??, and was a member of the School Netball Team.

I have contacted Jacqueline Kendrick (Walters); Linda Wallace (Howard); and Alan Beynon.

Thank you for the opportunity the school website affords in enabling former school friends locate each other.

I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and would love to hear from any of my former school friends. My email address is:
  Posted On: March 17, 2002 05:04:13 PM

 Name: karen williams Mughan
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: nothing really, I was just showing my son where I went to school
  Posted On: March 13, 2002 06:02:27 PM

 Name: professor roy davies
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: GONE BUT NOT FOGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Posted On: March 11, 2002 08:20:40 PM

 Name: Sian Holder
 Who: Teacher
 Comments: Thanks to those of you who have mentioned your careers and where-a-abouts all being noted and added to the brochure. To Gareth Davies sorry lost touch with Steven Miller see Heather Davies (now Murray) married Stuart Murray she is Chief Inspector (I believe) of police in Swansea. See Chris Major weekly, now Head of the biggest special school in south wales if not Wales.
  Posted On: March 11, 2002 08:03:46 PM

 Name: Year 10 Leisure and tourism group
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: The yr 10 leisure and tourism group are in charge of selling tickets for the production of Grease March 25th,26th & 27th. Billed as the best production ever the tickets are going like 'Greased lightening' to secure your ticket ring 884246 or call in to school Monday Wednesday or Thursday lunch-times.
  Posted On: March 10, 2002 06:57:59 PM

 Name: daniel mcgrath
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: it was my birthday last week
  Posted On: March 10, 2002 04:12:47 PM

 Name: Pupil
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: Kieran stop dreaming, you would never of made it as headboy, thats not to say Dai is doing any better!
  Posted On: March 09, 2002 05:35:49 PM

 Name: Daryl Parry
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: hello how are you doing with out me ?
  Posted On: March 08, 2002 10:06:20 PM

 Name: vicky
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: hey people we only got bout 30 days now till we got those stupid exams so that means the staff will bug us very singal lesson from now on. good luck to the grease cast and just reemeber it will be alright on the night (hopefully)! i would like to thank the staff that have been there for me especially these past few weeks and i would never thought i would say this but im gonna miss u when i leave (but i wont miss the food)! bye 4 now.
  Posted On: March 08, 2002 04:47:33 PM

 Name: Gareth John Clement
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: i would like to see a photo of form class
  Posted On: March 07, 2002 09:57:00 PM

 Name: david downing
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: has any one got msn messenger if you hav what is your address mine is (
  Posted On: March 07, 2002 09:21:43 PM

 Name: Jane Scullion
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: Thank you to the fine teachers at Sandfields from 1969 to 1972.
  Posted On: March 04, 2002 10:02:02 PM

 Name: kelly
 Comments: hi ya to everyone
  Posted On: March 02, 2002 09:55:26 PM

 Name: Heather Burke
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: I am going to attend my first reunion in June . I hope to see lots of former friends.I think that passing 40 has made me nostalgic as well as wrinkly and forgetful. Sound familiar??? Ileft Sandfields in 1977, and for Sian Holders benefit(Hello Sian and Bill), I work part time for the Valuation Office Agency, I've spent the last 7 years working in Manchester( during which time I had to assess Man U's ground for business rates),I've now moved back closer to 'home', I live in Taunton and work in Bristol.
  Posted On: March 02, 2002 10:41:53 AM

 Name: Carol Holland
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Hello to friends of old, despite not learning that much at school I have learn't alot since.
I have been living in New Zealand the last 20 years and would love to make contact with some old friends my Email address is
  Posted On: February 25, 2002 11:48:24 AM

 Name: Kieran Howells
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: If only i was head boy.
  Posted On: February 25, 2002 11:44:35 AM

 Name: Gemma Thomas
 Who: Pupil
 Comments: I love this school,i enjoy each day at sandfields comp.I could not live without it and hope i never have to.Thank you Mr Russell you have made my life complete.Big up Sandfields crew!!!!!
  Posted On: February 23, 2002 03:07:30 PM

 Name: Greg Reece
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: I'm now in the Marines and living in Devon, I've come a long way in a short space of time!!
  Posted On: February 22, 2002 05:13:19 PM

 Name: Liane Keris
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: Hello everybody. Ive just seen the dan-y-coed photos and it nearly killed me! I found myself looking through them searching for my face but I knew it wasn't going to be there!I miss the show so much!!!!!
I mean-I can't even touch my toes anymore !!!!!those dance rehearsals really did do me justice. I hated it when my sis was packing all ready to go off on the weekend, I WANTED TO JUMP IN HER SUITCASE!!!
to all those in the show.....................
make the most of it ,cause it doesn't last 4ever!
College is OK I suppose but its not the same as Sandfields!
Missing u all loads, see u soon.
Un peu message pour Mademoiselle Smith, Ca va! Francais est tres difficile mais je l'aime! Je pense que je suis aller etudier francais en Universite mais je ne sais pas parce que ce serai tres tres difficile!!Merci beacoup pour l'aider tu me donne.
Au revoir.
  Posted On: February 17, 2002 04:39:27 PM

 Who: Former Pupil
  Posted On: February 15, 2002 10:06:32 PM

 Name: Ian Michael Jones
 Who: Former Pupil
 Comments: I enjoyed my time at SCS (1977-82). And also when I wasn’t there, because even though I was in tech, I played rugby for the senior team on a Saturday morning (we nearly always lost!) & then we all went to `The Amazon pub’ afterwards. Went to PTCFE (Afan College) when I left SCS & got an OND Elec. Eng. Did 6 months in Portsmouth Poly, attempting to study HND in Elec. Eng. before being kicked out (attendance not too good!). Returned to WGIHE & got HND in CAD.
I’m now an E/I Design Engineer with a Swansea based Engineering consultants firm, so I travel a bit in South West Wales. I’m married with 2 lovely daughters aged 8 & 5. I’m also Hon. Sec. of Aberavon Quins RFC & I still `try’ to play rugby, although it takes longer to recover from the bumps & bruises!!

Just like to say hi & thanks to some of the teachers whom I can remember -

Mr Winfield - Headmaster
Mr Doyle – Woodwork (Deputy Head)
Mrs Stubbs – English (always had different coloured hair every week! - reminded me of Mrs Slocombe from `Are you being served’!)
Mr Alvo Davies – Maths
Mr Clive Williams – Careers
Mr Foley – Metalwork (is he still taking the tablets? ha ha)
Mr Burgess – RE
Mrs `Titch’ Williams – French (Can’t remember her first name. She really hated us boys. Don’t know why.)
Mrs Cathy Richards – English (Will she ever know why I sat at the front of the class all the time?? God she was/is sexy!! Should I be admitting this??)
Mrs Janice Lewis (nee Thomas?) – Didn’t teach me, but she was nice to talk to. And still is!!)
Mr Clive Lewis – French (great teacher)
Mr Paul Farrow – Games (great teacher. Mind you, all the games teachers were good. Ran a red light while taking me to casualty for stitches, when I cut my leg open playing rugby.)
Mr Roland Evans – RE + Games (great teacher. How could someone like him teach RE. He was your typical man – butch, rugged, BIG – an animal!! Not a bible basher!! & I mean that as a compliment Sir!!)
Mr Roy Woodward – Games (best games teacher. Inspired me to play rugby. Thanks Sir. I’m still enjoying!! Also took me for gymnastics.)

Also some nicknames of teachers, but I can’t remember their real names
Tojo – (not known)
Psycho – (not known)
Dopey Dora – (Welsh)
Spitfire – (Welsh)
Lanky Howard – (Tech. Drawing)
Weedy – (Gardening? Did we have gardening lessons?)

I have a picture of Form 3C, which I will send to this site asap. See if there is anybody you know.

Sorry but I could write an essay here. If anyone wishes to contact me, to say hi or anything else my email is –

Best Regards
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